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Life at DPOrganizer: Maggie Kheir-Buchmann

Starting as a Key Account Manager at DPOrganizer in 2019, Maggie has seen some pretty big changes to both the industry and the company since joining – including stepping up as Customer Success Team Lead in February last year. We caught up with her to chat about customer success, working at DPOrganizer, and her dream sailing route. 


Hi Maggie! Customer success can mean a lot of different things at different companies. What would you say customer success is at a company like DPOrganizer?

Hi there! The scope of Customer Success’ responsibilities differ depending on the size of a company, but the core of what we do is always the same.

The Customer Success Team at DPOrganizer are the relationship builders who take care of the customer. From the moment the customer signs on they get a dedicated CSM that will stay with them throughout the journey with us. We start with the onboarding process and after that, we keep building that relationship through follow-ups, business reviews, setting targets and making sure we reach those targets together.

So even when the customer is ready to use the DPOrganizer platform on their own, they are still part of the DPOrganizer family and we make sure that we are here for them.

You’ve talked with a lot of customers since starting here. Have the conversations you’re having with customers changed since 2019?

Indeed, it’s been quite a journey. The conversations have changed and I can tell that the level of knowledge about the privacy regulations have risen a lot.

The first conversations I’ve had were about using for example Excel vs a privacy management tool and why should a privacy team do their records of processing in a tool instead of regular documents or sheets.

I’m happy to say that today it’s all about the next step. It’s not just about keeping track of what personal data a company has, it’s all about being able to assess and be proactive. Being able to give a higher level of overview to management and minimize risks wherever they are – that is basically impossible to do in a single document or sheet.

What’s your best memory from working at DPOrganizer?

Wow, that is a hard one because there are definitely a lot of great memories! The one that comes to mind right now is the Christmas party of 2018.

I walked into a room full of my future colleagues (I was joining a month later) and one by one they walked up to me and welcomed me. I was surprised to see how genuinely happy they were to have a new colleague joining.  A few minutes later our leader was standing in front of us thanking the employees in a speech that I have a hard time forgetting to this day. He was basically being as genuine as any leader can be in my opinion. And that, I had never come across before. 

Basically all my memories of DPOrganizer have to do with the crazy, fun, hard-working and genuine people who work here. Emphasises on the “genuine” part, because it is hard to find a place with this many nice, honest and approachable people.

A little bird told us you’re an avid sailor! What would be your dream route?

Haha, yeah the unexpected life-changing hobby that sneaked into my life four years ago!

By all means, I’m not at all a professional sailor but the absolute dream route without question is crossing the Atlantic ocean to visit the islands of the Caribbean with our own boat. I have a soft spot for the sea and especially those turquoise waters. 

Quick facts

Favourite movie?
Hmm, too many but I would go with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Fast and the Furious movies.

Favourite food?
Mediterranean food.

Favourite book?
Simon Sinek books, like finding your WHY. I really like and believe in the leadership style that Simon is teaching. 

Coffee or tea?
Coffee all the way! I live in Sweden, there is no other truth than coffee. 


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