Nov 18

Life at DPOrganizer: Jens Ryden

Not many weeks have gone by without Jens overseeing a new release of features and bug fixes since joining the company in 2017. He began his DPOrganizer career as a Product Owner, and was promoted to Chief Product Officer in January 2019 –taking the lead on developing many features considered core to the tool today. We had a chat with him to learn what a day in his shoes is like.

Hi Jens! Can you tell us a bit about what a typical day looks like as a Chief Product Officer?

It generally starts by checking Slack directly after I have read the newspaper so I can have time to process some things and be in order for my first meetings which always is a product team standup followed by stand up with the developers. These two meetings help me focus on the most important things we need to make decisions. 

Remaining part of the day differs a lot depending on where we are in the product development process. Our process starts from ideation where we really try to get into our users heads by interviews and data analysis to a design process where we try to put our findings down so we can try it out and test it. These steps are important for us to be able to validate that we have got our findings right before we put something in development. 

Then, when we are sure that we’ve found something that would be of great value for our users we always try to find the core value in it and scope the project down to a minimum viable product that wouldn’t take long to get out in production so we can monitor and understand more of how it’s being used. 

After we have shipped any new functionality we always make sure that we haven’t introduced any bugs and problems before we start to expand the functionality further. 

You’ve been at the company since 2017 – what’s been the biggest change in your work since then?

Before I leave for the day I go through what I need to focus on for tomorrow’s standups and write it down in Notes (I actually have notes taken everyday at DPOrganizer since I started).

People come and go, the last part is of course sad. But the good thing is that I would say that I have learnt a lot from all my old colleagues during these years. I would also say that our working methodology has changed a lot since then – sometimes due to changes in our organisational setup but most of the time because we’re constantly trying new things out to try to build an even better product for our users. 

What are you proudest of shipping since starting at the company?

One part that I am really proud of is actually not anything I have done, it’s truly praise for our developers that have released constantly for every week for more than 3 years, that makes life a lot easier for everyone.

Regarding what I am proudest of, that is for the future – I always believe that the next feature is a game changer. 

Best memory at DPOrganizer?

All the people that have become friends I’ve met here at work. Doesn’t matter if they are based in Russia, India, Sweden, Poland or the UK. We’ve done a lot of fun things together. I especially look forward to some casual after work at the office – digital after work has been a good replacement during the pandemic but there is something special about having a beer with a colleague while playing some pool. 

You quite recently became a dad – congratulations! What’s the most surprising part of being a parent that you’ve discovered so far?

That people get more kids than one. 

Quick facts

Favourite movie?

The documentary of World Cup 94 (VM-Krönikan 94) in Football where Sweden won bronze, by far the “cultural” thing that has impacted me most. I know every word in it and remember that I celebrated with a friend when we watched it for the 100th time – by then we were 10 years old.

Favourite food?

Smörgåstårta and spinach soup.

Favourite book?

I’ve read everything by Houellebecq and Lena Andersson, huge fan.

Coffee or tea? 

Coffee, black as midnight on a moonless night.


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