Sep 02

Launching Integrations and Open API

Today, we’re taking a big step toward supporting even more business-integrated privacy programs. With support for Slack, Teams and Zapier, as well as opening up our API, privacy teams will be able to get value on the apps they use the most every day.

Integrations is set up to notice changes that happen in the DPOrganizer app – that could be an update to a data subject category, a new data subject request being received, or an assessment being filled out. Basically, anything that changes can be used as a trigger for another action in whatever app or system you connect to it. Users can easily set up which changes they want to receive notifications for – and they’ll see some contextual metadata each time, so they know how to take action.

Simplify communication with Teams and Slack integrations

If you’re working in a bigger team, want to share key events or just have Teams/Slack in the background at all times, this integration was meant for you. You can set up custom notifications to channels – a great way to keep team members in the loop if they don’t use the DPOrganizer app often. Below you can see just some of the ways that could be set up to simplify internal processes.

Supercharge everything with Zapier

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s every productivity hacker’s best friend. You can set up your own custom workflow where if one thing happens in one app, it triggers another action in another app. The best part? They support over 3000 apps – which includes most of the most common business apps out there. 

This means you can automatically add new subject requests to your support team’s ticketing system, send out risk assessments as soon as new vendors are added, or just post a silly GIF when a data processing agreement with no required changes – the possibilities are endless.

Launching Integrations and Open API

Build your custom solution with Open API

If you’re really looking to go above and beyond with integrations, there’s still good news for you. We’ve turned our infrastructure inside-out to open our API – so you can build a connection to whatever you like, however you’d like. Send data to dashboards, custom reports, or any app not covered by Zapier to be on the cutting edge of business-integrated privacy programs.

Available now for Professional and Enterprise users

Slack and Teams are included for all users on the Professional plan and up, while Zapier and Open API are optional add-ons. You can find them under “Setup -> Integrations” in the main menu in the app.

If you’re curious to find more inspiring use cases, we’ll be hosting a Privacy Basics on some creative solutions – including real-life ones used by our customers. You can sign up here.

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