Apr 08
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The Top 3 Barriers to Privacy Collaboration (and how to overcome them)

When it comes to driving a privacy agenda at any organization – privacy professionals often share similar experiences.

Or, in this case, you may share a common and overarching challenge. The challenge of collaboration.

For a privacy program to continue to drive impact with limited resources and staff, you need to identify the key barriers to collaboration on privacy tasks within the wider organisation and tackle them, fast.

We spend a lot of time in discussions with companies, and these are the top three barriers to collaboration on privacy we have identified.

Have a look below to see if they sound familiar.

1. Lack of buy-in

A common barrier is the one of buy-in. Internal departments are not incentivised from leadership to provide the kind of information you need for your records of processing, or follow-up gap analysis.

If the business is not aligned around the importance of privacy or provide the right incentives to get it right, it is difficult to drive a successful privacy agenda in the business.

2. Your departmental contacts can’t spare the time

More often than not, privacy responsibilities get passed either to department heads or to the individuals with direct control over the systems processing personal data in each department. These individuals don’t find the time to priotize the work, and can slow you down in your work.

3. Unstructured Privacy Agendas

Envision a long list of privacy tasks, related to virtually every department, but disconnected from each department’s core priorities. At the very top, this privacy agenda may be driven by stakeholders at the board-level, but its actual implementation is often left to privacy professionals like yourself.

This results in inefficient processes where you may be forced to play the role of task-master or advisor with the individuals in each department who have been given extra privacy responsibilities that they may dislike or misunderstand.

Meet Collaboration Challenges Head-On

Luckily for privacy professionals (or privacy heroes as we like to put it) like yourself, these barriers to collaboration and success can be beaten.

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