Nov 01
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6 months after GDPR, companies still have a long way to go

It’s fair to say that the GDPR pre-panic has settled. Organizations have bulked up their privacy teams, tackled the hard work of implementing data privacy programs and now all is business as usual… Or is it?

Well, not quite.

A new report by IAPP and EY reveals that 44% of companies claim they are not yet “fully compliant” with the GDPR. While that number might sound low, from what we see in the market, companies might be overly optimistic.

There is a risk that companies underestimate the complexity of GDPR, or the complexity of their own reality.

GDPR compliance has been an issue across many industries. To address this compliance issue, the first step is to recognize that it’s not a marketing, IT or security problem.

It’s a shift that should be addressed in  the entire organization, to make sure everyone is working in the same direction and understands the importance of data protection.

In fact, to view GDPR as a problem is counterproductive. The purpose is to effectively protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of people’s right to protection of their personal data.

GDPR helps bridging the trust gap between people’s understanding of how their data is used, and how companies can use it.   

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