Apr 20

Manage your privacy plan with Tasks

Ditch spreadsheets and organise your workload with Tasks – a simple planning tool inside your privacy tool. 

As a privacy professional, you’re probably involved in a lot of different teams and projects at any given time. Your work might be distributed between unread emails, spreadsheets, post-its and stuff that popped into your head on the commute home. With Tasks, you can simplify project management by gathering all your to-dos in the tool where you actually get work done. 

What you can add in a task

Tasks can be as simple or as detailed as you want them to be. Here’s everything that you can add or edit in a task:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Assignee*
  • Type*: Categorise your work by adding tasks to different types. You can easily add, edit or remove types that you no longer use.
  • Links and documents: Add PDF’s, spreadsheets or link to webpages.
  • Activity log: Add comments about the progress of the task. Status changes will be noted automatically
  • Due date
  • Notification date
  • Approval flow*: For critical tasks, a final review can be added for when the task is submitted as “done”.

The only required field is the task name, which means you can create quick to-do’s and reminders for yourself in a matter of seconds.  

Available from anywhere

Just like all our features, Tasks has its own submenu, where you can add and manage all tasks for yourself and your team. However, we also added a task button that’s accessible from anywhere in the DPOrganizer app – so you quickly add something to your to-do list without interrupting whatever you are currently working on.

A welcome overview of your privacy plan

Want to know how you’re keeping up with all your tasks at a glance? No problem. Our new welcome screen (shown at the top of this blog post) gives you a visual overview of all tasks, broken down by month and status. Further down you’ll also find the same list view of tasks that you can find in the dedicated Tasks section.

Free for everyone
Tasks is out now and is included in every DPOrganizer package. Essential users can get started with “My Tasks”, which allows you to manage your own tasks. Professional users get access to Team Tasks, which allows them to assign and collaborate with any colleague who’s working in the tool.

To get started, simply log on to the DPOrganizer app – we’re sure you won’t miss the new welcome screen. 


*Available for users of DPOrganizer Professional. If you are on the Essentials plan and interested in upgrading, please reach out to our success team.

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