Aug 15

Summer Feature Updates 2019

This summer, we launched a batch of fresh updates in our software.

Feature updates that make it easier for you, as a user, to communicate internally and externally, interpret data through visualisations, and provide sharper reporting to stakeholders.

All features focus on providing a better overview, so you can take action faster.

Here are some of the updates you’ll find when logging in.


1. Review Manager is launched

Our biggest release this summer! Our two features DP Manager and Vendor Manager have become one.

In Review Manager, we’ve collected all review functionality into one place, and added some more options for easier communication. It’s also built out with more powerful support for advanced review of the Data Processor entity.


Review Manager further simplifies collaboration. It’s become easier to communicate with, and have stakeholders agree with or update changes that are needed.

Review Manager now contains the old Vendor Manager, making it possible for you to communicate with vendors and get sign-offs.


2. Updated Risk Dashboard

Our Risk Dashboard is getting more useful. We’ve added a widget which gives an easy oversight of the data processors where you’re missing a data processing agreement.

This graph shows how many of your data processors you have entered into a data processing agreement (DPA) with.

You can navigate into more detail by clicking on the piechart and then take appropriate action.


3. Filter purposes in DP Report

DP Report is a useful feature to easily provide management, authorities and other parties a clear picture of your processing of personal data. For this release, we have improved the possibility to filter, and view your data from a different perspective.

You can now filter on the purpose for which the personal data is processed.


Check out the new features by logging in here.

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