Jan 20

Nail your compliance and risk updates with Assessment Manager

Happy new year everyone! We hope you’ve had a great 2020 so far. Following a short holiday break, all of us at DPOrganizer are back and hard at work. Today, we want to give you a sneak peek of an upcoming feature – Assessment Manager.

What the heck is an assessment manager?

Assessment Manager is a feature built to help you collaborate with your entire organization. By letting you build custom questionnaires that can be sent to anyone, you can now get answers to context-specific questions from any stakeholder in a structured way – and keep all your compliance and risk updates in one place. 

How it helps your compliance process

We realized some of our customers were having a problem whilst talking about how they work with compliance across teams and functions. There was no standard for how privacy professional’s collaborated with stakeholders in their organization – some used spreadsheets, others had face-to-face syncs. Either way, a collaboration process was lacking. This can be cumbersome for two reasons:

  1. You have to make an effort every time you need an update or context to questions you’ve already asked
  2. You double the required admin effort by having to take the data given to you and put it into your data mapping solution 

We built the Assessment Manager to address these issues. Thanks to having multiple input options (like multiple choice and open-ended answers) and the ability to gather answers from non-DPOrganizer users, you can get all the information you need to keep up while enjoying the comfort of a single user interface. 

When is it out? 

Assessment Manager is now available in early testing, and you can sign up through the app.


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